* We do ship internationally to most countries. Keep in mind each country has a different way of assigning fees to inbound packages from other countries. We will make sure to ship your package and do our very best not to incur any extra fees as we know how to ship.

We will only use USPS International Shipping with tracking.

Below are shipping prices to most places and have a weight limit of 20lbs

Medium Sized Box Priority International $60.00

Large Sized Box Priority International $86.90

* 77HYDRO does not pay for return shipping costs in the event of warranty issues and/or damage caused by shipper. 77HYDRO cannot be responsible for return shipping - We will refund all product costs, but not shipping costs.

Please contact us for any wholesale opportunities in

your desired country we will get back to you right away.

If you prefer an alternate shipping service please contact us.

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